About Me

As many of us do, I struggled for many years to find a bra that fit her properly. At age 30, when I finally did, it was with the help of a professional bra fitter at a specialty bra store. What a relief it was to finally wear a bra that was supportive, comfortable and flattering! 

A mother of two girls and a breast cancer survivor, I now enjoy to help others enjoy the experience of a stress-free bra-shopping experience resulting in comfortable bras that make the wearer feel amazing. 

I am passionate about helping you find a bra that fits you well and makes you feel great!  I pride myself on providing bras that you'll want to leave on at the end of the day because it's that comfortable!

Over the years, I've listened carefully to the needs of my customers. Based on their feedback, I have curated a collection of bras that are comfortable, supportive and attractive. 

I create a space that is inclusive to BIPOC, LGBTQ2+, all ages and abilities.

Get in touch! I would love to hear from you.